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Tune-up Your Training for Your Next Interview

By Esperanza Poquiz; Edited by Jul DeGeus

Going into an interview can be stressful for some of us; others may find it easy. Being well-prepared can help calm your nerves before going into the interview process. Whether you find it easy or hard, these tips could help you feel more confident when walking through the door.

Young businessman talking to his colleague

Initial Reactions

A survey showed that 660 out of 2,000 hiring managers knew within 90 seconds of meeting an applicant whether or not they would hire the interviewee. To ensure that you are giving off a great first impression, be mindful of your appearance and dress appropriately. Pick colors that are neutral; navy blue, white, black or gray. Upon first meeting, smile and give your employer a firm hand shake. You should keep an upbeat, positive tone throughout the exchange. Communication is key; enunciate, speak with proper grammar and don’t use profanity or bring up inappropriate topics.

Believe in Yourself

Radiating confidence lets your employer see that you know what you want and take initiative to get it. During the interview don’t mumble, play with your hair, touch your face or cross your arms over your chest. When speaking, make eye contact and keep hand gestures to a minimum. Let your personality shine by showing warmth and enthusiasm.

Do Some Research

Before going to your interview, research the company for general information. What is the company’s mission statement and what do they stand for? Is this a mission you support and are passionate about? Have the specific position you applied for in mind and be ready to talk about the requirements and responsibilities in the job description. Always have at least three relevant questions prepared to ask about the company or position; this stresses your interest to obtain the position.

Final Suggestions

Stay away from saying unfavorable comments about previous employers and peers; your opinion could project negativity. Regardless of the reason, have a generic answer on why you left your last job. During the initial interview, don’t focus too much on pay or schedule. If the company is interested in you, you will have the opportunity to negotiate that in following conversations. When in doubt ask family, friends or mentors to perform a mock interview to prepare.

Keep these tips on the forefront of your mind for the most productive interviews.


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